Dev tools that make launching in digital health easy.

Working with health data is hard. Automate Medical makes it easy for startups to build in health. We build open source dev tools for health data standards like FHIR with modern languages and frameworks. Launch with just a few lines of our code.

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Our investors include

Sam, Jack and Max Altman

Sam, Jack & Max Altman

Arjun Sethi

Arjun Sethi

Tribe Capital
Arjun Sethi

Erik Torenberg

Village Global

Ways we’re already making your life easier


Sero: Launch new health data apps fast

Sero is a modular TypeScript toolchain for health data built on top of the best open standards.

Health data is spreading outside of the confines of the hospital. More developers than ever are interacting with health data, and many for the first time. Sero is built for developers who need tools in the languages they already work in to build the health stack of the future.

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Digitizing Medical Data

Transform PDFs into data you can build with.

Medical source data is often not easily available in a digital format. We fix that. Paper records, reports, test results and labs were “digitized” in the past, often only as PDFs in archive, making it hard to use this data to actually build your digital health solution. Automate Medical built software to bridge the gap.

Focussing in on one type of diagnostic test to start, pulmonary function tests (PFTs), we launched PFT Extractor. PFT Extractor converts pulmonary function test reports from "digital", but flat PDFs, into rich structured data automatically including coded medical concepts. We transform PDFs into real electronic health records.

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FHIR Implementation Guides

Bridging the gap between expectations and reality.

Launching projects as a dev in health can be confusing. Health data has lots of competing definitions and standards and a rich history. Using our expertise from digitizing pulmonary function tests, we developed a PFT FHIR Implementation Guide using MITRE’s FSH (pronounced 🐟) to define them as a diagnostic reporting standard.

Sound familiar? We would love to help you work through your health data problem.

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Advisory Board

Carl Mottram


Eric Ries

Carl Mottram


Carl Mottram

Meghan Marmor


Dr. Meghan Marmor

Nicholas Mark


Dr. Nicholas Mark

Jeremy Road


Dr. Jeremy Road

Pearce Wilcox


Dr. Pearce Wilcox

Matt Hegewald


Dr. Matt Hegewald

Meet the Team

Andrew Arruda


Andrew Arruda

Led policy development of one of the world's largest COVID machine learning government response initiatives at the University of Toronto’s Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society. Serial entrepreneur. Co-founder/CEO ROSS Intelligence (YC S15), Forbes 30 under 30, and TED speaker.



Joshua Kelly

Open source health data dev on projects like FHIR and the “quantified self” movement. Previously CTO at Universe, acquired by Live Nation/Ticketmaster in 2015. At Universe managed and led a team of 35 developers and product specialists. Founder/CEO Affiga (YC W20), acquired by OpenUnit (YC W20).

Thomas Hamilton


Thomas Hamilton

Led and scaled operations, customer success, sales, marketing and subject matter expert teams as VP, Strategy & Operations and employee #1 at ROSS Intelligence (YC S15). Previously regulatory and commercial lawyer at Dentons, the world’s largest law firm. Passionate about health data regulatory reform and value based care.

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If you're an academic, clinical researcher, med student, resident, fellow, biostatistician, developer, or just a health data enthusiast - we’d love to talk with you!

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